Brainstorming Scenarios

I've been conceptualizing settings and scenarios in which these controllers could be used, and these are some of the ideas that I would like to evaluate further.

Sketchbook Ideation

Sketchbook Ideation

Potluck Dinner - The way in which people experience their meals is communal and collaborative. Now that many people enjoy living in cities,  Many are living in small and efficient apartments. Cooking may be more enjoyable when prepared with friends around a central stove. This concept shows a portable induction cook top that can be used on the dining room table instead of a kitchen area. The interface for this type of cooking range may need to be used by many and need to removed from a single plane.

Kitchen Storage - Millennials do not require the need to buy full sized appliances. I would like to think about the concept of the kitchen as multi-use and portable. What if refrigeration were in separate containers that could be transported else wear? Dishwashers could be used as crockery storage, minimizing the space needed for a kitchen. How is this environment controlled?

Magic Mirror - The washroom mirror could be used as a screen to control or depict information within the room. You can see adjust the temperature of the shower, confirm the auto-order of toilet paper, or gather quick information while brushing your teeth. All in which disappears behind the mirror.

Wake Up Call - Who wouldn't want to be woken up in a more pleasant way than that annoying ringtone on your phone? There is a lot of buzz recently in how lighting can affect mood, help you relax to sleep, and respond to the home environment. This interface could be integrated and controlled without using a phone or screen based device. 

What's Happening? - The first thing many people do when they wake up is reach for their phone. Whether to read your email, check the weather, or read the news. Could something in your bedroom deliver this information to you subtly right when you awake?