What values need to be highlighted to find an IoT product useful? I've broken down these values into 4 categories that are not of monetary value. 

Entertainment - Someone may want a product because it will make them smile, surprised, or delighted. A simple interaction like reminding you of something important, a game, or knowing that someone is thinking about you will make you happier.

Gaining Confidence - A connected device may be connected to a community or another person. maybe a device lights up or or sounds a noise that lets you know that you are completing an activity correctly. 

Security - We take a security and well being seriously. Many products in the market protect our homes and hardware. software systems may be developed to keep our data secure within the home, and by knowing this, a user may feel more comfortable using a connected product.

Health and Wellness - A new movement that is very popular for many is our health. By understanding our well being that we could not acquire without a product we can see the benefits of sustaining or enhancing healthy habits.