Jet interior Concept

During the summer of 2014, I interned with Textron Aviation ( Cessna Aircraft) at their Wichita Kansas facility. I was part of a team of interns that included aerospace, electrical, mechanical engineers, as well as interior and industrial designers in Wichita, Kansas. We collaborated to develop a blue-sky concept and full scale mock-up of a medium class business jet cabin interior.



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We're all different, so we thought there should be a place for everyone. 



Phase 1 

We began with a considerable amount of market research by interviewing Industry experts, pilots, and customers to understand our clients. We created three user profiles to keep a story in mind while designing. 



User Profiles



Concept Development

We went on to designate a floor plan that was influenced by our insights. By using a full scale representation interior, we were able to test our layouts based on human factors, FAA regulations, and most importantly the needs of a intended users.

Ideation and concept selection

Ideation and concept selection

Full and quarter scale sketch models  

Full and quarter scale sketch models  


Our Solution and Philosophy - Modularity

Our goal is to design a flying experience that feels like a home in the sky. 

Our inspiration comes from contemporary residences, hotels, and furniture. =

We hope to create an aircraft that is not just a means of travel, but a lifestyle.

We proposed that the aircraft should function as more of a residential space than reference transportation design.


The modules were designated as public, private, and transitional spaces that could be arranged for the users specific needs

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Phase 2

The interior design intern and industrial design interns worked with Textron Aviation's industrial design team to further realize our concepts for the cabin.

We also tested our concept by creating a full scale mock-up of the cabin interior. By engaging with both physical prototypes and digital computer modeling, we created the final mock-up by finalizing dimensions in CAD, printing and CNC full scale parts, and then assembled our prototype.


Cessna - Textron Aviation 

Cessna - Textron Aviation