Overboard - A Physical + Digital Experience

Overboard is a tabletop game for adults that consists of a deck of cards and a mobile app. Through user research, we gained insight on how adults want more opportunities to play games with their friends face to face and not strictly in a digital manner. We set out to design a product that is an escape, challenging, and uses the connectivity of phones, though is a collaborative activity in real time. Through each iteration, we tested to see how feasible and fun our games could be. 

My contributions to this project: User interviews, Game concept overview, Playing card graphics, Physical prototypes, Digital prototype, Video storyboard, Video editing, Video animations, Presentation. 

Presenting through video

After 60 interviews, we documented key points that came up in conversation about how adults play.

User Needs StatementNEW.png


Concept Selection

After extracting data from our user's need statements, we evaluated the weight of major needs to direct our ideation phase.


Physical Prototypes and testing. 


Digita Prototype

We used Google Slides to simulate a digital prototype. This gave us the ability for multiple users to look at the same presentation in real time and make changes to the digital game board. The cards cause the game to move forward while the screen based prototype show the effects these cards have on the world.